Priority Courier Service/Medical Courier Service

An ideal courier service for your envelopes, boxes or cargo van loads.

Courier Service Van

We offer Priority Courier Service for New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.

  • guaranteed fast, efficient delivery of your envelopes, boxes and bags
  • one of the most reliable couriers in the tri-state area
  • customer satisfaction
  • prompt pickup and delivery
  • efficient routing


Medical Courier Service


This is a service we are proud to offer. As an experienced medical courier company we understand the risks, requirements, and procedures necessary to service the medical community. Whether it be coolers of specimens, Xrays, tubs of medical charts, laundry, or files our trained medical couriers will get them where they need to be on time and safely. Our medical couriers are trained in transporting blood-borne pathogens, DOT and OSHA compliance and are TSA and IATA certified.